The sights and sounds of a troubled life

" Those days seem so far older now, but i still do know how to play. . "


Hounds of Hell

Some walkthrough footage of The Asylum. The footage starts in what looks like the patients day room, followed by a stroll down the corridors, with a couple of detours into side rooms.

Its such a vast place, a labyrinth of identical corridors, its easy to get disorientated in there, a reference system is used as we explore the place to prevent getting lost.

Feet Up For Another Year

" An unmade bed and a shrunken head impaled on a rusty spike. . "


My Mind Is Made Of Steel

Here we are transported into one of the wards, long since vacated by the patients and the privacy screens still in place.

Further investigation reveals a door concealing a staircase that leads up to more wards on other levels, one ward resembles a football pitch with grass growing on the floor.

Cuntree Song

Filmed in an administration area of the asylum, we see old signage from off the doors scattered on the floor, general finance manager and project manager, I wonder where are they now? We pay a visit to one of the hospitals kitchens also.

Check out the video at 3 mins 15 secs to see a hefty roof timber dangling vertically above a staircase, just waiting to impale somebody.

Men With Ties Tell Lies

Never trust a man wearing a tie, be he a salesman, sleazy tv presenter, a sleazy dj or a Machiavellian politician. These song lyrics also deal with some of the problems of modern life, the rapid onset of the police state that we have become. Included are cctv, street kid urchins selling drugs, and orwells vision of 1984 come true.

" Men with ties tell lies, Lies about you and me, lies about history. . . "


I'm The Vine

A video comprised of stills of the interior and around the grounds of the abandoned asylum and former home of Beatnikbiker.

The viewer is taken on a “trip” where we see a gurney for transporting cadavers, a former mortuary, Beatnikbikers very own bike, parked outside the main entrance, and some bleak images of the now decomposing hospital.

Black Ratt

In this video we have Some vintage faux satanic images to keep things jolly, followed by video and stills footage from inside the abandoned asylum, including the once and still disarmingly beautiful ballroom where the patients enjoyed social interaction.

Then we are treated to a visit to the hospital stores with its discarded apparatus cast aside, when the powers that be informed the helpless, institutionalised patients that they had overstayed their welcome, and the land their home sat on could be put to a more lucrative use for them...dont worry the vine will see that justice is done.

" Volker is waiting in Immelborn a long long time, up on the balcony, we smoke, drink wine."